Sunday, July 31, 2011

we reunite at last!

Did you notice any special visitors in the last post?

Ya…that’s right. Our besties Jeff and Kapri totally joined us for pioneer days. They were visiting Idaho from California during Jeff’s dental school break and were sweet enough to journey a couple hours to come see us. It was so fun to hang out with them for 24hrs and catch up after a long year and a half of being apart.

Over a year ago, Kapri and I found out we were pregnant just a day apart from each other. We were excited to find out at our first dr appts that Krew and Harper were due on the exact same day – December 6th. However, Harper decided to come 3 weeks early and Krew just wanted to stay cozy in mommy…he came 1 week late. Darn children!

Harper loved Krew {she has way too many boyfriends already!}. They had so much fun playing together. Harper was giving Krew the sweetest kisses. Check out the evidence:


don’t worry…she’s not an evil biting child. she was actually giving him kisses on his shoulder. so funny!



Come back soon! We miss you already!!!


Kristen said...

How CUTE! They're both adorable, even more so together.

Kapri said...

Oh my crap!!! WHY WHY WHY!?!?! Why do you live so far!?! That is freaking cute!!! It was so fun being there, thank you for all your hospitality. We'll see you this winter when it's slow for Ryan! I miss you guys.