Tuesday, October 25, 2011

daddy’s lil workin’ girl

About two month ago while it was still summer {yes, I know. this is LONG overdue!} Harper and I loaded up our stroller and took a 2 mile trek to go see daddy while he was working. We love taking walks around the ranch because, really, where else can you take a stroll with surroundings like this?


But mostly, we just love to ride the tractor with daddy. Harper loves sitting on daddy’s lap, holding the steering wheel and watching everything going on around her. She’s such a joy!


I took this shot as we were leaving to head back to the house. I love haying season {well, minus the awesome hay fever I get!}…


About 2 weeks later, daddy was cutting hay closer to the house {we could see him from the front porch, so MUCH closer}. We decided to walk over and go swath with him for a little bit. Harper, once again, was in heaven.


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