Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i’m just wondering - where did my summer go?!?

does anybody else feel like their summer came and left and didn’t invite them?

i’ve been trying to figure out what happened.

and then i realized…

my summer consisted of me hanging out in the kitchen all day and chasing Harper around.

no, i didn’t take a job as head chef at the local restaurant. although, it kind of felt like that. i was busy carrying on the Bedke wife tradition…and filling some rather large shoes.

you see, in the summer all of ry’s family moves up to the ranch to hay. his mom and grandma {who are both AMAZING cooks} bust out their chef hats and their very top notch skills and feed the haying crew {which consists of ry’s family} straight up gourmet meals with gourmet desserts and everything…EVERYDAY!

well, it just so happens that the first year we are here for the summer, mom and grandma can’t come up {mom would make it up around 7 or 8pm and then leave the next morning by 7:30am}.

so, guess who that left?

correct. MOI!

holy intimidation.

needless to say, i had no choice but to take on the task. i did my very best and, wow, was it ever exhausting! add taking care of Harper’s needs to that and ya, that’s probably where my summer went. it left with the fried chicken, stew, country fried steak, homemade bread and rolls, dijon sirloin tips, marinated roast, waldorf salad, ham & swiss wraps, eggs lorraine, eggs benedict, cherry pie, boston cream pie, supreme carrot cake, and all of the other millions of delicious calories we consumed.

i calculated one day and i spent a total of 9.5 hours in the kitchen the entire day {that was making food, cleaning up, etc. for 3 meals}.  it wasn’t like that everyday, but i’d venture to say i did about 8 hours a day. 

we sure ate good though.

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