Tuesday, October 25, 2011

more visitors!

we’ve been lucky to have more visitors lately {yes…if you haven’t noticed, having visitors is completely blog worthy in our world…don’t judge}. in fact, 2 weeks in a row! first was our ever so favorite Stokes clan. we neglected to take pictures because really we just sat around and stuffed our faces and chased children and watched movies and hung out. it was absolute bliss! we loved having them. see you in a few weeks :)

second, was the Mays from Texas. Pres. May was the branch president in the first area ry served in on his mission {exactly 9 years ago}. they went out of their way to come visit us and we were so happy they did. they are such a sweet couple and so fun to visit with. ry loved showing them his roots and giving them le grande tour of the ranch. they absolutely loved Harper {she was pretty taken with them as well}.


thanks for the visits!

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Lindsey said...

I know I say this everytime...but next time we come, I wanna go to the ranch!!!!

PS. My kids miss you guys. Well, Kerrigan tells me she does. Occassionally, when Tucker grunts, it sounds like Harpers name : )