Sunday, March 25, 2012

d-day is creeping up…quickly!

It boggles my mind that I’m already 35 weeks. How is that possible? Time has gone too fast. If this little guy arrives like his sister did, he could be here in less than 2 weeks. I’m holding out for him to come late though. PLEASE! I’m just not ready yet! Excited about meeting him…but not ready.



Wow…I really don’t feel quite as huge as I look in these pictures. Apparently I’m starting to look like a beached whale and I didn’t even know it.

The closer it gets, the more anxiety I get about managing two kiddos. And what about Harper? Is this totally going to mess with her? We’ve tried to help her understand…but she is only 16 months. {I’m afraid she might think she has a baby in her belly too…uh-oh!} And she just adores babies and loves to hug and kiss them…but will she love one that never leaves?

Any tips or ideas to help me help Harper have a smooth transition? Oh and to help me keep my sanity???


The Musson Family said...

It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is having her second baby already. You are so beautiful. I love seeing your pregnant pictures. Harper will adjust just fine. She will learn to love her brother and have a great relationship with him and she will be a big help to you. You will be a great mom of two. It is funny how you will adjust and it will all work out. It won't always be easy, I have to be honest. My best advice to you is to be patient with yourself. Everything does not have to be perfect. And remember to ask for help when you need it. That does not make you weak. Sleep when everyone is napping. You need your rest. You will do great.

Kristen said...

I agree with everything above! And I think you still look great in the picture.

You will be exhausted but Harper will be fine. My advice for helping her transition is to smile like crazy for her. Even if she wakes the baby or does naughty things (is she too young for that?) be sure to teach her, but love love love her. That may sound obvious but I was often too exhausted to realize that the expression on my face was rubbing off on my little ones. They thought "tired" meant "bad" so they were sad all the time. Luckily I figured it out. =o) So smile even if you don't feel like it. That's my advice. I think Harper will adore her brother. Good luck!

brandenandrobin said...

mine were nowhere near that close and honestly a week after dean was here jack didnt even remember life before him. they get attached FAST! and then willnever want to be apart (jack and dean end up sleeping together almost every night its that bad). we didnt' have any issues with jack adjusting and i'm sure you won't either. there are times harper will feel attention starved but then you just put the baby down as soon as possible and smother her in attention and it will all be fine! i can't believe you are having another baby already, crazy!!! you'll do great!

Lindsey said...

I love the stage of pregnancy when you almost wonder why people aren't shouting, "FREEEEE WILLYYYYYY!" as you walk by :) I personally think you look amazing, though!
Harper will do great, I am sure! The only thing I would suggest is try to find baby boy's "happy place" (like a swing or bouncer seat, someplace that he is content) right away, so you are able to put him down and give her plenty of 1 on 1 time.
Also, this may seem a little overboard, but we bought Kerrigan a present for Tucker to give to her when she came to the hospital to meet him for the first time. Can't go wrong with a good first impression :)

Eric and Hilary said...

We did the same thing as Lindsey. We bought a cute piggy bank for Brooklyn to give Sierra when she was born and Sierra loved it! We had no problems either with Sierra adjusting to Brooklyn. She loved having a little sister from the beginning. Everything will work out fine and I can't believe how close you are to having this baby either! Crazy how fast it goes with the second one!

Poulsen Family said...

I thought about you a couple of days ago, knowing you are due anytime. Best of luck on the transition! I'm hoping I can come visit soon. You're having your second and I haven't even met your first! I'm a BAD friend :(