Sunday, March 25, 2012

the many faces of breakfast

are you getting sick of Harper posts yet? She’s all I have on my camera…and what’s a post without pictures?!? I’d take more pictures of ry and I but whenever he’s home from work he’s only half dressed. And, well, since we’ve been up at the ranch and I’m very pregnant, I’ve had a strict “only sweats/pjs and no makeup” policy. Needless to say it’s pretty unattractive and totally not camera worthy!

I’ve been playing around a lot with my camera lately (if you haven’t noticed)…I just love the quality of pictures. This morning I took a bunch of pictures of Harper while she was eating breakfast. She’s so stinkin’ silly!



The Musson Family said...

I love the all her facial expressions.

Kristen said...

Of course I don't get sick of pictures of her. She's adorable! I love her hair.