Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter 2013

On Saturday, we enjoyed Easter festivities with all of the Bedke clan again. Harper loved dyeing Easter eggs this year. I think Ray just wanted to eat them…


The Xtreme Easter Egg Hunt was a hit as always. Harper did a little hunting with her cousin Jaden. She held his hand and walked around with him for a while. I don’t know how impressed Jaden was but Harper was sure loving being best buds. :)


Ray hung out with {or attacked} Grandpa most of the time. He loved being outside and watching all of the crazy egg hunting action.


A little snapshot with Grandpa, Grandma & Great Grandma. IMG_1812-001

Speak no evil; See no evil. Harper just looked at this picture and said “Harper and Daddy being silly”. That’s a good description!IMG_1819-001

Sunday morning the kids woke up to a little treat from the Easter Bunny and eggs hidden around the living room. Ray grabbed one and then sat with daddy and ate its contents. Harper happily filled her basket up with the rest of them.


After church, I had choir practice so Ryan thoughtfully tried to take a picture of the kids in all of their Easter cuteness {I had completely forgotten!} These were the 5 pictures he got:


Awesome, right?!? They pretty much tell a story. When I looked at them it reminded me of Harper’s pictures from last year’s Easter:


Do you notice a trend? I’m thinking I have a grumpy Easter girl on my hands. We need to remedy this…next year!

In an attempt to get one last cute shot of the kiddos, I tried to take a picture of them in their new shirts from the Easter Bunny.


Not quite what I was hoping for. Harper needed more than 30 min. to get over her Easter grumps I guess. And it’s a little blurry because Ray would not sit still. But hey, they’re still adorable!



The Musson Family said...

Wow!! What a great Easter weekend you all had!! Looks like the kids were tired by Sunday. hahaha But I love that she did the same thing last year. And I am so grateful that Ryan took the time to take those picture. They are so cute even it they aren't smiling. Harper is loving dying those eggs for sure. Thanks for posting these pictures so we could see how your weekend went.

The Musson Family said...

And I forgot to say, it looks like you had beautiful weather that day too.