Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Haircut

Monday April 15 - Ray got a haircut.

It was bittersweet. He has the cutest little curls. However it was starting to get really long. Long as in he would’ve looked really sweet if we put a cute little flower in his hair. And you never really want it to get to that point with your son. So we bit the bullet.

BEFORE {so sweet}:



AFTER {a snotty, tearful, hairy mess}:


We didn’t plan on cutting it all so short. We started to do the top a little longer but this screaming wiggling mess of a child made it a little difficult. So we decided one length would be less painful for all of us.

THE HAIR {he had so much!}:


And after he had finally calmed down and thought it was all over, I started vacuuming his hairy ape looking back.


Poor kid. I think he’s probably traumatized from haircuts for the rest of his life.

But he looks so cute. And more mischievous…


The Musson Family said...

Oh poor Ray!!! He was so upset. The video really shows it. He does look like a boy for sure now.

Jeannie Williams said...

I felt so bad for him.. Who cares about hair.. he is gorgeous.. Just let it grow back and slightly trim it.. His hair was beautiful.. he will be scarred for life when a clipper comes near by.. lol.. Honestly.. I just let me boys have long curls.

Jennymommy5 said...

Jacquie, little Ray....he looks adorable with his haircut, but also he looks more like a little boy than a baby! I hope you saved a few curls :D