Wednesday, May 1, 2013

General Conference Weekend

We tried to make General Conference a fun weekend for the kiddos. I want to make it a tradition of doing fun things so it’s something they look forward to twice a year. I was a little slow in the preparations however, so we slapped this together really fast and saved the fun for Sunday {although we did listen to the Saturday sessions}. 

Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast of omelets and cinnamon rolls while listening to The Spoken Word. Harper and Daddy also made a fort which they hung out in most of the day. Harper thought it was great. Ray wasn’t so sure about it however. I also put together a little word recognition activity. Every time Harper heard ‘scriptures’, ‘family’ or ‘temple’ she got a corresponding treat. She enjoyed listening to the Prophet and recognizing him on TV. I mostly enjoyed going to church in my pj’s…not gonna lie :)


Honestly though I love conference. It’s such a rejuvenating weekend for me. I love hearing of the growth of the church and listening to the inspired messages from our church leaders.

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