Wednesday, May 1, 2013

me - the perma-pregnant woman

This picture was taken just shy of 34 weeks.


I’ve been crunching a lot of numbers in my head during this pregnancy. For instance, it took us 34 months to finally get pregnant with Harper. And since getting pregnant with Harper, I’ve been pregnant for 26 out of 38 months. That means out of 3 years and 2 months, I’ve only NOT been pregnant for 1 year of that total. Holy Moly Batman! The good thing is I really do LOVE being pregnant. Watching my body change and feeling the baby…it’s all just so miraculous.

I’m now 35 weeks. I’m almost to the “any time is go time” stage. Now that freaks me out a little. Not because I’m afraid of labor. I really do love that part as well. Mostly because I’m wondering how in my sleep deprived state I’m going to simultaneously manage a constantly nursing newborn and a curious/mischievous 1 year old {along with all of the other responsibilities I have}. I’m not overly worried about Harper. She’s so independent and a great helper. But I keep going back to faith and trusting that the Lord will help me.

I really am excited to have my 3 little munchkins to snuggle and love and raise. My children are my pride and joy. Although we have moments of craziness around here {weird, right?}, they are always a shining example and reminder to me of the things that matter most with their sweet innocence. And thankfully I have an amazingly helpful supportive husband.

I’m just hoping my incessant desire to be pregnant again isn’t quite so strong after this baby. It MIGHT be time for a short break for this old body of mine…

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The Musson Family said...

You are so beautiful. I can't believe he is almost here!! It won't be long and we will be there. I can't wait.