Monday, May 17, 2010

where in the world is carmel, indiana?

{sung to the tune of “where in the world is carmen sandiego?” it works PERFECT. ps. did anyone ever watch that show? i use to love it}

I’m assuming many have never heard of carmel, indiana. I hadn’t until we started looking at places to live around Indianapolis.

Carmel is located just north of Indianapolis. As seen here.

Besides the fact that everything you could ever imagine exists in Carmel.  There are a two notable mentions.

the land of fortresses.

The first week we drove to church I noticed there were tons of ginormous houses with their properties gated along with several gated communities. First thought: wow this is a ritzy area!  In fact, just 2.5 miles from our apartment, I noticed a realty sign for a 55,000 sq ft home for sale on 40 acres of property for $9.9 million. It sparked my curiosity so I did some research. And found this - Le Chateau Renaissance.  This house has everything you could ever imagine! And it’s dropped from $25mil to $9.9mil. That’s a steal! If i had a little more money, I’d consider it SOLD. :)

 Indianapolis Mortgage


colts players. what?

Another exciting thing about Carmel is that we go to church with 2 Indianapolis Colts players as well as an ex-colts player. In fact, we actually have 1 of those Colts players living in our apartment complex.  So I pretty much see him on a regular basis. We’re pretty much BFF’s now. JK. But I do see him frequently. I just haven’t worked up the nerve to say anything to him yet. AHH!! To respect their privacy (because I’m nice like that), I will not mention any names (although I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to figure out).

So basically what I’m trying to say is COME VISIT US because it’s really fun to stalk Colts players while pretending your BFFs and drive around dreaming of owning a ginormous house…


The Musson Family said...

I'm on my way girl! And I can't wait to stalk him with you. Maybe he will be my new BFF before I leave to come home. And I won't be afraid to talk to him. :) I can't wait to see you in 4 more sleeps.

Catherine Cazier said...

The show where in the world is Carmen San Diego was also one of my favorite. I had compeletly forgotten about it. Fun place to live. You two sure move a lot what is it that keeps you two on the go?